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PDF Stamp Tool  v.

PDF stamp tool use company name as stamping, image, text, a date/time stamp, page number or website-link as watermarking to the selected Adobe Acrobat pages. PDF image stamp tools can label stamp files and enable watermark manipulation in PDFs pages.

Internet Explorer Password Salvage Tool

Advance password revealer tool is capable to recover all kinds of password such as secret code string of auto form, auto complete form and facilitates administrator to change or modify its FTP password. Internet Explorer asterisk password recovery


The Mandolin Tool  v.2. 9. 2009

The Mandolin Tool is a program that provides the novice mandolin player with a number of handy learning tools (in fact, the program comes with contents for four different instruments: guitar, mandolin, ukulele and S-String banjo).

Simple MD5 Checksum Tool  v.1 2

MD5 Checksum Tool is an application designed to allows users to generate the file checksum (MD5 Hash) of any file or string.

Pdf watermark creator tool  v.

Watermark text string on all pages of pdf document at header, footer or any other desired position. Pdf watermark software is a batch pdf stamping tool which can add watermark above the content of pdf or beneath the content of pdf.

String Extractor  v.1 5

A fast batch tool to extract string resources from Windows

Efficient String Matching  v.1.0

Search of multiple queries in a large text. Efficient String Matching delivers searching of multiple queries in a large text. It is available as a command line tool and with a graphical user interface as well.Requirements: *

Easy String Replacer  v.1.0 Beta 1

Text strings replacement made easy. Easy String Replacer is an easy string replacer is very usefull string tool. You can add your orjinal text , first string list ans second string list than cling replace all button.

Wave on a String  v.2.03

Wave on a String analyze a strings vibrations with the help of this tool. Watch a string vibrate in slow motion. Wiggle the end of the string and make waves, or adjust the frequency and amplitude of an oscillator. Adjust the damping and tension.

Outlook Password Recovery Tool Ex  v.

Outlook and outlook express password recovery software is non destructive and read only tool, does not damage any of your file stored in your system while recovering password of your email account.

Watch Log Files Tool  v.1.6.3

Watch Log Files Tool is a log files management solution that shows you the latest additions to a log file continuously.

Word String Finder  v.1.6.3

Word String Finder will help you find all possible word combinations from your folder.

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